Prakriti @ NIT Durgapur

About Us

We the People of Prakriti- The Environmental Club of NIT Durgapur, strive to make a difference and inculcate the seed of awareness and action in the minds of prospective engineers to make this environment a sustainable place for every living being. Our motto is to change the notion that Engineers do not care for environment into making every individual on campus, a GreenEngineer, who minimizes the risk of pollution that might be caused with new inventions or breakthrough researches in technology.

As a club, we imbibe to the values our Mother Nature has taught us: Perseverance, Sustenance and Progress. Right from its rootage, Team Prakriti has made true those envisions of the founders of our club and crossed many milestones ever since its onset. We conduct our events throughout the year, reminding and awaking the slumbered minds, the importance of environment and its preservation.

Green Art

The first and foremost event of our club conducted in odd semester. Green Art is all about expression of oneís thoughts and concern towards nature and environment through Art. We conduct Essay Writing Competition, Poster Making and Collage Making Competition under Green Art. A photo was shown on the spot for the Essay Writing Competition, based on which, the participants write their essays.


During monsoon, when the rains avail the nascence of small saplings, we conduct Plantations. Saplings provided by the Forest Dept. of Durgapur are planted in various areas inside the campus.

green diwali

When itís the festival of lights, we celebrate with the residents of NIT in a eco-friendly way. Team Prakriti propagates the propaganda of avoiding fire-crackers which cause pollution and are harmful. We conduct Diya Making Competition which has the participants making eco-friendly diyas, and also Rangoli Making Competition on Diwali.

campus cleaning

This is one of the events we Earth Warriors are tagged, by most of the inhabitants of this campus. We find this as a responsibility to clean up our own home before trying to reform the whole wide world. Teams are divided among which we, the team along with volunteers from NSS and interested people for the cause try cleaning up the campus from non-degradable plastic.


Itís a 7km mini-marathon run promoting the cause of preserving of nature and earthís resources. Athletes and non-athletes join this marathon which is conducted during mid-February every year to make it a successful event.

village trip

Itís an exclusive trip by the core members of the club who visit a village every year and bring up solutions to the existing environmental problems of that village. It is synonymous to village-adoption, and observe the changes and improvements of that particular village.

earth hour

The star event where lights-off for one hour is seen as a symbol for the commitment to the planet. The event we organize involves the candle march in and outside the campus by the students of NIT Durgapur organized our team has won many accolades. The lights are put out for an hour during which candle march is proceeded. The support provided by the management and of the campus and the professors is praiseworthy.