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Sat March 7, 2015
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 Institute Communication

National Institute of Technology
Durgapur, West Bengal
PIN 713209


Prof. (Dr.) Tarkeshwar Kumar
Email: director@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Phone: +91-343-2546397
Fax: +91-343-2547375


Col.(Retd.) Prabhdeep Singh Sandhu
Email: registrar@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Phone: +91-343-2545290 (Office)
Fax: +91-343-2546406 (Fax)

 Deans & Associate Deans
Dean (Administration)
Prof. Aniruddha Gangopadhyay
Phone: +91-343-2754430
Mobile: +91-9434788033
Email: deanadmin@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Dean (Academic)
Prof. D. K. Mondal
Phone: +91-343-2752012
Mobile: +91-9434788003
Email: deanac@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Dean (Planning & Development)
Prof. J. P. Sarkar
Phone: +91-343-2752011
Email: deanpd@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Dean (Research & Consultancy)
Prof. P. Gupta
Phone: +91-343-2752016 (Office)
Email: deanresearch@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Dean (Faculty Welfare)
Prof. G. Sanyal
Phone: +91-343-2754235
Mobile: +91-9434788006
Email: deanfaculty@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Associate Dean (Academic)
Prof. N. K. Roy
Phone: +91-343-2754340
Mobile: +91-9434788042
Associate Dean (Research & Consultancy)
Prof. K. C. Ghanta
Phone: +91-343-2754080
Mobile: +91-9434788020
Dean (Student Welfare)
Prof. A. K. Bhattacharya
Mobile: +91-9434788021
Email: deansw@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Associate Dean (Student Welfare)
Dr. A. N. Mullick
Phone: +91-343-2754696
Mobile: +91-9434788052
Associate Dean (Student Welfare)
Dr. S. N. Mahato
Mobile: +91-9434788057
Email: sankar.mahato@ee.nitdgp.ac.in
Deputy Registrar (Establishment) &
Guest House In-Charge

Mr. Aloke Chattopadhyay
Phone: +91-343-2752100
Mobile: +91-9434788015
Email: drest@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Deputy Registrar (Academic & Examinations)
Mr. Dhrubajyoti Ray
Phone: +91-343-2752030
Mobile: +91-9434788012
Email: draca@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Deputy Registrar (Finance & Accounts)
Mr. U. C. Mukherjee
Phone: +91-343-2752073
Mobile: +91-9434788013
Email: dracs@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Deputy Registrar (Purchase & Stores)
Mr. Asit Kumar
Phone: 0343-2546390
Mobile: +91-9434788157
Email: drps@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Assistant Registrar (Academic)
Mr. Amiya Kumar Sardar
Phone: Will be updated soon
Mobile: +91-9434788100
Email: assistant.registrar@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Assistant Registrar(Internal Audit)
Mr. A. Das
Phone: +91-343-2752086
Mobile: +91-9434788014
Email: audit.officer@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Assistant Registrar (Registrar's Secretariat,
Legal Affairs & RTI)

Mr. Sayon Bhattacharjee
Phone: Will be updated soon
Mobile: +91-9434788077
Email: sayon@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Assistant Registrar (Hostels)
Mr. Debasish Mondal
Phone: +91-343-2757157
Mobile: +91-9434788046
Email: arhostels@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Administrative Officer(Administration)
Mr. Sanat Kumar Sinha
Phone: Will be updated soon
Mobile: +91-9434788068
Security Officer
Mr. Ajit Kumar Bhagat
Phone: Will be updated soon
Mobile: +91-9434788170
Email: so@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Training & Placement
Mr. R.N. Ray
Head, TPSW
Mobile: +91-9434788038
Phone: +91-0343-2752230
and +91-0343-2546753
Fax: +91-0343-2752230
Email: For Placement: placementcell@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
For Training/Internship: training@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Professor in-Charge-Academic
Prof. S. Ghosh
Phone: +91-343-2754336
Mobile: +91-9434788096
Faculty in-Charge Examinations
Mr. Somnath Karmakar
Phone: +91-343-2754187
Mobile: +91-9434788155
Email: somnath.karmakar@ce.nitdgp.ac.in
Faculty in-Charge Examinations
Mr. Partha Sarathee Bhowmik
Mobile: +91-9434788174
Staff Grievance Officer
Prof. S. K. Mitra
Mobile: +91-9434788005
Email: sgo@admin.nitdgp.ac.in


Medical Officers
Dr. B. Sarkar 
Phone: +91-343-2757118
Mobile: +91-9434788075
Email: b.sarkar@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Dr. (Ms.) S. Patra
Phone: +91-343-2757116
Mobile: +91-9434788076
Email: s.patra@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Professor in-Charge-Computer Centre
Prof. Bansibadan Maji, ECE Dept.
Phone: +91-343-2754376
Mobile: +91-9434788024
Email: bansibadan.maji@ecc.nitdgp.ac.in
Shri. Rajib Chatterjee
Mobile: +91-9434788162
Email: hod@cc.nitdgp.ac.in
Professor in-Charge-Library
Prof. J. P. Sarkar
Phone: +91-343-2754088
Mobile: +91-9434788010
Library IC
Jaydeep Howlader
Phone: +91-343-2752169
Mobile: +91-9434788178
Email: jaydeep.howlader@it.nitdgp.ac.in
Professor in-Charge-Workshops
Dr. Nilotpal Benerjee, Dept. of ME
Phone: +91-343-2754679
Mobile: +91-9434788009
Email: nilotpal.banerjee@me.nitdgp.ac.in
Maintenance Engineer
Mr. Tanmay Haldar
Phone: +91-343-2757068
Mobile: +91-9434788016
Email: maint@admin.nitdgp.ac.in
Heads of Departments
Dr. S. S. Mukhopadhyay 
Phone: +91-343-2754030 
Mobile: +91-9434788139 
Email: hod@bt.nitdgp.ac.in
Chemical Engineering 
Prof. Tamal Mandal 
Phone: +91-343-2754083 
Mobile: +91-9434788078 
Email: hod@che.nitdgp.ac.in
Dr. Apurba Kr. Patra 
Phone: +91-343-2754136 
Mobile: +91-9434788049 
Email: hod@ch.nitdgp.ac.in
Civil Engineering 
Prof. Soumya Bhattacharyya 
Phone: +91-343-2754181 
Mobile: +91-9434788022 
Email: hod@ce.nitdgp.ac.in
Computer Science & Engineering 
Dr. Mrs. Suchismita Roy 
Mobile: +91-9434788122
Email: hod@cse.nitdgp.ac.in
Computer Application
Mrs. Mousumi Saha 
Mobile: +91-9434788194 
Email: hod@mca.nitdgp.ac.in
Electrical Engineering 
Prof. Saradindu Ghosh 
Phone: +91-343-2754336 
Mobile: +91-9434788096 
Email: hod@ee.nitdgp.ac.in
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Prof. Sumit Kundu 
Phone: +91-343-2754385 
Mobile: +91-9434788127 
Email: hod@ece.nitdgp.ac.in
Dr. Seema Sarkar Mondal 
Mobile: +91-9434788131 
Email: hod@maths.nitdgp.ac.in
Mechanical Engineering 
Prof. Anup Kr. Saha 
Phone: +91-343-2754703 
Mobile: +91-9434788011 
Email: hod@me.nitdgp.ac.in
Prof. A. K. Meikap 
Phone: +91-343-2754782 
Mobile: +91-9434788060 
Email: hod@phy.nitdgp.ac.in
Management Studies 
Prof. Mrs. Mousumi Roy 
Mobile: +91-9434788138 
Email: hod@dms.nitdgp.ac.in
Prof. P. P. Sengupta 
Email: hod@hu.nitdgp.ac.in
Information Technology 
Mr. Subhrabrata Choudhury 
Mobile: +91-9434788133 
Email: hod@it.nitdgp.ac.in
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 
Prof. Karuna Sindhu Ghosh 
Mobile: +91-9434788135 
Email: hod@mme.nitdgp.ac.in
Earth & Environmental Study 
Prof. Aniruddha Gangopadhyay 
Phone: +91-343-2754430 
Mobile: +91-9434788033 
Email: hod@geo.nitdgp.ac.in

• Biotechnology
• Chemical Engineering
• Chemistry
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Applications
• computer Centre
• Computer Science & Engg
• Earth & Environmental Studies
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronics & Communication Engg
• Humanities
• Information Technology
• Management Studies
• Mathematics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Metallurgical & Materials Engg
• Physics
Wardens for
Halls Of Residence
Chief Warden  
Dr. J Banerjee  
Office: +91-343-2754479
Mobile: +91-9434788054
Netaji Subhas Hall (Hall#1) 
Dr. M. K. Mondal 
Office: +91-343-2754784
Mobile: +91-9434788050
Sri. J. Hawladar
Mobile: +91-9434788178
J.C. Bose Hall (Hall#2
Dr. S. Roy Burman
Mobile: +91-9434789002
Sri. S. Paramanik
Mobile: +91-9434788146
Tagore Hall (Hall#3) 
Dr. P. Pal, 
Mobile: +91-9434788193
Dr. J. Chakraborty  
Mobile: +91-9434788164
C. V. Raman Hall (Hall#4) 
Dr. R. Kar
Office: +91-343-2757208
Mobile: +91-9434788056
Shri N. D. Jana
Mobile: +91-9434788181
Vivekananda Hall (Hall#5) 
Dr. A. Layek 
Office: +91-343-2754691
Mobile: +91-9434788058
Sri. J. Barman
Mobile: +91-9434788175
Aurovindo Hall (Hall#6) 
Sri. A. Dutta
Mobile: +91-9434788180
Sri. A. Patari
Mobile: +91-9434788151
Sister Nivedita Hall (L.H.#7) 
Mrs. B. Chakraborty
Mobile: +91-9434788065
Dr. A. Pal
Mobile: +91-9434788069
Ms. Sanghita Bhattacharjja
Mobile: +91-9434789010
Preeti Lata Hall (L.H.#8) and A1,A4,A7,B4B,B8,B9,B12,B13 
Dr. Susmita Dutta
Mobile: +91-9434788120
Dr. Debjani Dutta
Mobile: +91-9434788067
Dr. Jaya Sikdar
Mobile: +91-9434788186
S. N. Bose Hall (Hall#9) 
Dr. S. C. Moi
Mobile: +91-9434788062
Dr. S. Sahoo
Mobile: +91-9434788061
Dr. A. De
Mobile: +91-9434789006
Office: +91-343-2754131
Mr. P. K. Guhathakurta
Mobile: +91-9434788159
Dr. Jayati De
Mobile: +91-9434788173
Dr. Monidipa Ghosh
Mobile: +91-9434789001
Mrs. Mamata Dalui (Chakraborty)
Mobile: +91-9434789011
Dr. L. K. Dey
Mobile: +91-9434788191
Dr. S. Bagchi
Mobile: +91-9434788190
Mr. B. Sen
Mobile: +91-9434788161
Dr. S. Bera
Mobile: +91-9434788185