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राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान दुर्गापुर

(An Institute of National Importance under Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development)
Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, Durgapur 713209, West Bengal, INDIA
At present more than Eight hundred colleges provide engineering education in India . Approximately three hundred of them offer undergraduate programs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering that include High Voltage Engineering. It is mandatory as per the guidelines of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) that the laboratory facilities are to be provided for the programs which are offered by the colleges. However, very few colleges have high voltage and High Power Laboratory facilities due to the involvement of huge costs and availability of specialised faculty members as well as skilled staffs in the field of High voltage and High Power Engineering.

The High Voltage Laboratory is a graduate research and undergraduate teaching laboratory with the following infrastructure and testing facilities:
Impulse voltage generator – 800 kV, 40 kJ
500 mm sphere gap for HV measurement
Impulse voltage divider (damped capacitive type) –800 kV
Digital impulse oscilloscope with software
300 kV AC power frequency HV testing transformer
AC Divider 300KV
Partial Discharge Measuring System
Coupling Capacitor
Vessel for Vacuum and Pressure
Measuring Sphere gap - 500mm
RIV Measuring Instrument
Operation with Information Communication Technology (ICT) of Impulse as well as AC test system, an unique facility in India .
Capacitance and tan delta measurement
Resistivity meter
Leakage current tester

HV Impulse testing
HV Dry / Wet Power frequency testing
Capacitance and Tan delta measurement
Partial discharge measurement
Insulation Resistance
RIV, Corona measurement
HV Calibration, CT/PT Calibration
It specialises in the measurement and testing of equipment and components of Electric Power Engineering. Teaching in laboratories includes studying the breakdown of air under varying atmospheric conditions, especially moisture, varying supply voltage and under multiple insulation arrangements. They are particularly geared towards the use of live-line techniques for transmission and distribution system maintenance. Transformer insulation condition measurement is also a set laboratory exercise. Lectures in High Voltage are embodied into specific courses associated with Electric Power Engineering. NIT, Durgapur is having the above facilities towards the High Voltage testing, it will also meet the innovative course work, curriculum, research of the students and the testing needs of nearby utilities and industries providing the application of ICT, remote operation facilities.

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