Welcome to the Mobile Computing and Network Research Group at National Institute of Technology, Durgapur. The mission of our group is to explore, design, develop, and study reliable, scalable, self-managing networks and systems leading to ubiquitous computing.

The group is currently involved with,

  • Communication system architectures for next-generation wireless networks, including conventional cellular networks, Delay Tolerant Networks, and other hybrid networks.
  • Robustness, Scalability, easy-to-deployment of communication architecture.
  • Design of a customized low-cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for data transport/acquisition which attempts to explore possibilities of using UAVs beyond surveillance.
  • Design of a long distance Wi-Fi communication enabled with rapidly deployable Balloon/Portable tower for increasing communication coverage.
  • Deployment of some Web Based and mobile based applications to analyze the interaction of users posts in Web-social networks, for big data Analytics, path matching & generation of crowd-sourced GPS traces.
  • Extracting different road attributes like actual geometry, road conditions etc. which will help to develop an auto navigation system with the minimal use of GPS for an intelligent energy aware transport from crowdsourcing information.
  • Energy Aware Protocol Design for Delay Tolerant Network.
  • Design of customized low-cost embedded hardware to enable fast processing and commercial viability.
  • Use of Light Communication Medium and explore the domain of Li-Fi.
  • Human Sensing in Indoor Environment for anonymised data.
  • Environment Sensing for Smart Cities.

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